Love Trilogy

There is something so beautiful about love that seems to intrigue us all, in spite of being hurt and pained by its loss, the want for it never seems to decrease. On the contrary, the more we love the more we want it. Even those who think they have only loved once and will not […]

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Music of the Soul

They say love is in everything and everyone around us They say the heart has a mind and sense of its own, And they say the heart feels and wants what it wants   They mentioned how spirits meet and souls interact They also stated that things happen by themselves and for reasons that we […]

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Adele’s Hell0

This is truly a song to the person standing in the mirror! Listen with your heart! Adele’s hello may seem to the world as this closure letter or message sent to that old loved one who is still very alive in her heart. Yet, when I listen with my heart, I hear something else! As […]

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Keep up, Change is on the move!

Standing in the light of change, and filling our spirit and inner thoughts with the determination to grow and excel is very important. We as human beings seek growth most of the time, regardless if we are aware of it or not. We are expanding whether we see it or not. The importance of realizing […]

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Real freedom is in the soul, this is the only place to me that reads freedom and all the essence that freedom may hold. I only see some sort of roof that restrains the spread of our flow, except when we allow our soul and our spirit to be our wings that take us through […]

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The Beginning…

In the beginning; we start with a cry a scream or NOT! maybe not, for first there is awareness that is developed and grows before we are able to use any of our other senses, as they have not been created yet. There is a fine line between all that we believe we know, and where […]

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