Evoked Reflections


Dear God,

Dear God, I love you and I know you are always there watching my back and front, surrounding me with your blessings and guidance at all times, in my every awake, blind and sleeping moment. On my good and bad days. I know You watch over me at all times. Send me lessons to teach […]

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Human Beasts

It really is interesting to see how human beings behave and how their behaviors are sometimes highly governed by those severe desires they have hidden within them,  though they try so desperately to deny or to avoid looking straight into who they truly are in essence. The realization of how steep people may degrade themselves, […]

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New Year

I have never been big on resolutions, but New Year and my birthday seemed to always hold a special meaning to me, they represented the beginning of a new book that I am free to fill with whatever I chose or wanted. I have literally done that for many years, I would buy a new […]

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We are what we repeat

I sometimes sit back and use my moments of silence to reflect on what had brought me to where I am today. Then, I find myself drifting into a persistent thought that loops around ‘our struggle in making what we want a reality’ and ‘living in comfort, the kind of comfort that comes totally weightless […]

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Smiling Warrior

I find myself lost in the wisdom of eternity. I find my soul roaming the unknown,     with the curiosity of a bewildered child. I find my heart learning how to feel again, through      the sorrows of glorious moments. And all I am is a smiling warrior!      Armoured with the hardened scars […]

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If I lose myself I lose it all

I am gaining myself and finding myself, I am the journey of growth and commitment, the journey of beautiful development, I am success and treasure, glory and shining achievement, I am the strength that is found in the essence of a severe fall down, that rises like no other in the midst of all that […]

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Love Trilogy

There is something so beautiful about love that seems to intrigue us all, in spite of being hurt and pained by its loss, the want for it never seems to decrease. On the contrary, the more we love the more we want it. Even those who think they have only loved once and will not […]

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