Human Beasts

It really is interesting to see how human beings behave and how their behaviors are sometimes highly governed by those severe desires they have hidden within them,  though they try so desperately to deny or to avoid looking straight into who they truly are in essence. The realization of how steep people may degrade themselves, how low they can go, and how steep they fall to fill those beyond attained desires they have, makes you wonder how on earth you have befriended such people and how they have been part of any of your circles.

The art of letting people act and be the fullest potential that they are seems to have revealed not only the good that humans can show but also the levels they degrade themselves to reach. The bottoms of what they are capable of doing at the slightest outrage of seeing the thing ‘they are most thirsty for’ manifest and appear into the lives of those around them.

They speak of animals going wild, and of beasts destroying all that comes before them, but we have forgotten the beast within and what it is capable of in the light of seeing the food it had long yearned for even when served to another.

That human beast disengages from any humane human nature and turns out-front wild, unleashing mindlessly into that hunt that realizes no ethics or values of any kind, it has to be mindless for the level of indignity knows no mind or thinking, knows no heart or the slightest sign of goodness. A human beast gone wild and let loose with the fiercest of any weapons – the ability to commit the highest treachery – and the mind that is capable of actually making that happen and turn into an existence, is one that makes vampires seem like angels and devils ashamed of their own weaknesses.

Yet this beast does not realize that there is a balance to this universe! The law of existence is just beyond any kind of realization; justice balances out the world and eventually burns all those efforts down as smoothly and harshly as we see a shooting star from where we are seated.

Hunger is an ugly thing and when it is merged with emotions and the high yearning for the slightest taste of love, even if it was never to be yours in the first place, even if it was that stolen kind that you try to sneak yourself into and make believe that it is real. Such hunt is a failure unless the hunted was truly only of the essence and of the same dungeons of that beast, then it was only those balances of the universe that bring those alike together.

Human nature when merged with such evil knows nothing but that and receives nothing but the likes of it.

Therefore, I set myself free from such falseness and cut my strings loose of the yearning for other human blood.

Blood gets only blood, there is no love in that and this is where such beasts go wrong, for in their strive to find love and comfort they are only building a fire, a real and severe fire that they feed with their treacheries and denials, deadly enough to burn them to the lowest of ashes in the end and burn everything that can even flourish around them.


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