Dear God,

Dear God,

I love you and I know you are always there watching my back and front, surrounding me with your blessings and guidance at all times, in my every awake, blind and sleeping moment. On my good and bad days. I know You watch over me at all times. Send me lessons to teach me and guide me so that I become the best person I was meant to be.

I realize dearest how hard some of Your lessons have been, too painful on many occasions, that I felt I was unable to continue or move a step further. I learned how most of these lessons were not supposed to be hard, but my rebellious self and my resistance to your directions turned them into agonies.

You also taught me how you handed us our own freedom of choice and told us to wish, think, dream, believe and our desires will be granted by You. That I took a longer while to understand, not knowing that all I needed was decisiveness.

My Creator, 

Your mercy exceeds all that can be learned of mercy, and your light is the softest and brightest only for those who wish to see it. 

I have witnessed your touches in my life, observed them with an awe at times and an ecstatic yes on many others, lived the pains of them and the excitements. The fear of the good going away or the bad, that I did not want, to remain. Only to be taught further that you did not work this way…

I learned that all you required was that I let go of all that there is, to desire something then ask you to openly hand it to me, lead the way and present it when and the way you see it best fit.

My Dearest, My Greatest

I ask you for your guidance now more than all the moments I have lived combined, for the strength to ask you and let go. I Beg for guidance, for less ego and more truth, for strength and wisdom, for protection and love.



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