Omar Kamal – A legendary calling

Every time you hit play the music begins and with it comes this majestic voice, warming your heart so briskly, it barely goes unnoticed until you suddenly wake up from that beautiful trance he put you through, while you go on with your day.

Uplifted, engaged and highly spirited are just some of the flavours you get to savour while listening to Omar Kamal Sing. A legend in the making is how I would describe him today with a stress on ‘legend’. As I listen to his music, I no longer recognize the young singer who is just starting or the well-known music he sings, all I get is an indulgence in what feels like a forever rhythmic world that places me in a vortex of positivity and endless promising possibilities of everything, and what else do we need from music but that!

I suddenly find myself waking up in a song or two aware of him singing, realising that “oh it was not Andrea Bocelli, or Julio who had been taking me on this charming musical journey” for only legends like them make you feel that ecstatic and nourished with music. I grow astounded with the realisation of how brilliant he truly is, a feeling that only rises the more I go on listening.

As he sings he peels off all those layers of restrictions and barriers we place around our souls, allowing us to breathe out all our feelings the happy and the sad ones, letting us break through and come closer to the true essence of who we are.

Omar sings music, words and meanings, in every song he performs; something only great artists perfect, yet I see him doing it so naturally, he can get away doing it in his sleep. This is why you can have his album running all day long and you’d still not have enough of it, for he speaks to all your moods, to all your emotions.

This is an artist who can change and inspire lives through his voice, who can flip worlds with words sung to an enchanting tune orchestrated to perfection.


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