New Year

I have never been big on resolutions, but New Year and my birthday seemed to always hold a special meaning to me, they represented the beginning of a new book that I am free to fill with whatever I chose or wanted. I have literally done that for many years, I would buy a new journal for every year and regardless if it got filled or forgotten I would always start a new one the year that followed.

It is always fun and refreshing to start or buy something new, the energy levels rise high and the spirit seems to be fully refreshed. Doesn’t it feel great when an old phone, piece of furniture, car or home is replaced with a new one; it is fresh and operates brilliantly. It always feels great when something new is happening, no clutter, no trouble, no unwanted history of pain or struggles. Unless we choose to drag them along with us from place to place, like an old worn-out coach that we can’t get ourselves to part with; new always means reset, or another new go at it!

Back to New Year. I believe this is exactly how we should start our year, we should approach it with a fresh and new outlook, with a feeling that it had never been here before; a complete rebirth to who we are and who we choose to be!

We all deserve a new chance, a time where we allow ourselves to detach from all that no longer serves us, from the things that hurt us, or the habits that work against us. It doesn’t really matter if you are a New Year’s kind of person or if you just pick up and go at any time of the year. The important thing is to change in a way that serves you and enriches your life, given that you do want that for yourself!

I know that we can always turn the page on any phase of our life, at any time and just move on, in fact, we always do that. Anytime some major event good or bad happens to us, we find ourselves having to turn to a new page and having to fill it with new content.  If we don’t, it would be done for us or to us, whether we like it or not, and the pages would start getting filled on our behalf, while we are busy dragging all the resentments and resistances with us, holding on to them as if there is no tomorrow. Well, guess what with every sunrise comes a new day which allows us to start over, and with every year comes the same only bigger!

So how about a complete redo of you! A complete restart that brings you closer to the person you are meant to be, so that you live the life that you desire…

This is what New Year means to me… I hope you can see it so too.


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