Throw him out of your life, if someone can treat you better than he can.

Ladies let these lyrics be your inner dialogue at all times!!!!

As emotional, loving and patient beings we tend to allow the people we love to get away with so many things that either hurt us, or, that are not what we would want for ourselves. I am not saying be impossible and want a perfect guy, for there is no such thing, believe it or not, they are human too!

But, you are worthy and important and any man needs to acknowledge that, not in his mind, but in the way he behaves around you and the way he treats you. This is why I love this song, for it stands as an excellent internal dialogue that all females need to listen to, in order to measure up whether the guy is worthy of their time, heart, or even of having any space in their thoughts and mind for him.

Yes, I am referring to your thoughts, because you don’t need to keep him in your thoughts when he is not the right guy. If you believe that someone can treat you better than he is treating you, then you should listen to the sound advice of Shawne Mendes.

When listening to the words of this amazing song burns a spot inside you with a bunch of ‘buts’ and ‘becauses’, or even if a dialogue starts in your head, know that this guy that is taking up space in your heart or even in your mind should GO!!

He is not even worth that chance you are allowing him, if he cares to be a part of your life and you a part of his, he would make sure to treat you well, and he would be aware of you, your feelings, what makes you happy and of course of not hurting you.


Afraid you won’t find someone else to love? Again, listen to the words of the song!

Remember there is always someone out there waiting for you to free up that space inside you, waiting for a signal to walk in and sweep you off your feet; only this time with the treatment you deserve, and the love that you desire. You would be letting go of someone you are fond of, like, or even love, who might someday become better, ‘I doubt it’! only to gain a true man whom you would love more, for he is not only loving you but also being the true man that is worthy of your love for he treats you right, better.

You are precious and worthy of being cherished, don’t waste your time on fake hope.

Open your doors, clear the dust and let in real fresh air!


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