We are what we repeat

I sometimes sit back and use my moments of silence to reflect on what had brought me to where I am today. Then, I find myself drifting into a persistent thought that loops around ‘our struggle in making what we want a reality’ and ‘living in comfort, the kind of comfort that comes totally weightless with ease’. So, I ask myself, how about if we release it all? If we relieve ourselves from all that we’ve ever wanted and all that had been holding us back, all at once? Just drop it!

Hence I ask myself again, why do we worry and what is it that we truly want? How do we find ourselves going back to our old habits? Repeating our cycles and reliving some beliefs we had thought to have ended, to have gone!

Our existence seems to hold us to our long kept promises and to the beliefs that we’ve worked endlessly on consolidating within, through the patterns of thinking we unconsciously structured. Repetition, they say, is key to all; and what great repeaters we are as humans!

Habits concur all, they too, come from repetition. We start at a really young age getting used to certain practices and patterns and grow up to believe that this is who we are in essence, but is it? truly!

Are we made of those repetitions that we so unconsciously allowed to concur our existence, with no filters attached? Then how about we set ourselves free from the restrains we built, consciously this time!

I say we should rebuild using focused and intentional repetitions both our thoughts and habits!

Move with intention, think with intention, be intention…







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