Smiling Warrior

I find myself lost in the wisdom of eternity.

I find my soul roaming the unknown,

    with the curiosity of a bewildered child.

I find my heart learning how to feel again, through

     the sorrows of glorious moments.

And all I am is a smiling warrior!

     Armoured with the hardened scars of time and people,

       and kindness that’s fully mistaken for foolishness,

              the kind that none can beat or survive.

Keen is the wisdom.

Sharp is the vision.

A warrior of an awakening across all times.

A blessed existence that grows nourished by tears and laughter.

Behold warrior, embrace all that you truly are, for there is no other more truthful,

more real.

All have fallen behind, but you stand firm and strong.

Stand with your head raised to the skies and stars, for in them you exist forever.


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