If I lose myself I lose it all

I am gaining myself and finding myself, I am the journey of growth and commitment, the journey of beautiful development,

I am success and treasure, glory and shining achievement,

I am the strength that is found in the essence of a severe fall down, that rises like no other in the midst of all that is gone, to be found again,

I am the stubborn light that cannot cease to exist even in the realms of growing darkness that creeps from within and without

I am the ray that continues forward, the kind of forward that spreads to all, A Continuum…

…Beyond and above darkness, right through it if that is what it takes to glow!

Good must rise, light must shine, spirits need to be separated from the lost within and raised to reach glories and springs to flow in the beauty which they are

I am the pathfinder, the flame that blows away bewilderment and builds virgin untethered lands

I am the strength to stand where no one dares, the courage to be totally unarmed, uncovered for the path of truth, for the commitment of transparency in reaching a core

I would say I am reality, but then again coming to think of it, what is real? What is reality and where does it come from, but, from the illusion which we have so ignorantly created and followed.

Who are we, and what are we doing here? What is important, or maybe I should say, is anything important? Is there anything that truly, truly matters in essence? Everything changes, and all the things and experiences we go through, no matter how devastating they may seem when living them, somehow along the way seem to lose their significance shrinking as they nearly  to exist, or shrinking to fade amongst all the other memories that also seemed significant at one time until they too were lost.

I know we hold the feelings and beliefs created from such experiences close to our minds and hearts, and we even allow them to dictate our behavior and decisions, ruled by the perspective we had decided to adopt at the time of those experiences. But really, how true were they? We see them in our preset! such beliefs and feelings either driven by their negative fear to stop us from advancing, or by the courage that we held as they boosted our self-confidence and self-esteem; it all comes down to these two, and the truth is, either or are governed by how we decided at the time to picture them, the perspective!

And so I ask again, what is real?

I am the essence of who I am now, of who I chose to be, ungoverned by all laws of man; all untrue make-belief realities…

I am the thought that I allow and the perspective that I bring in

But mostly and beyond

I am the constant of the “I” which I am, the candle that melts into existence with the warmest of light glowing to be the flow





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