Music of the Soul

They say love is in everything and everyone around us

They say the heart has a mind and sense of its own,

And they say the heart feels and wants what it wants


They mentioned how spirits meet and souls interact

They also stated that things happen by themselves and for reasons that we will eventually learn of

And that I had tried before, it is true


You live searching for your soul in someone else

Then you realize your soul lies within the realms of your heart, body and mind

But still that other still holds significance, as he or she will nourish your spirit in ways no one else can make true and your search continues…


Then you meet the spirit that lights your whole being

That touches both your dark and bright parts all at once

Bringing a subtle light that dances with peace

But that other is out of your perceived existence

Out of any of your realities

An entity that can never be counted as yours

And your soul plays and dances to the music and tunes of beauty and hurt all at once


You drive your moments with the belief of let go and let God

Life continues, with that bitter taste of beauty that has raised your bar even more

But now you dance to the music of your existence with no search

With no chaos or illusions of the other, for the other is everywhere and in every tune

And will form in the shapes that concur your soul with no preconceptions

And all you are just flows



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