Adele’s Hell0

This is truly a song to the person standing in the mirror! Listen with your heart!

Adele’s hello may seem to the world as this closure letter or message sent to that old loved one who is still very alive in her heart.

Yet, when I listen with my heart, I hear something else!

As I reflect back on all the days and experiences I have had, all the situations and phases I have been through, the hardships, the pains; then listen to Hello! I hear a voice calling from the other side, the person that I am calling onto that part or parts of me that had been, only to hear an answer echo back at me from this long lost self, lying deep and silent within.

I hear a call out! A strong letter of conciliation between you and the person in the mirror! all the random YOUs that you have ever been, with the bigger self that you have left behind, with the major disappointment or just harsh moment that your feelings could not have easily survived if not suppressed.

Hello self, an insight and a door to put you all back together and get you truly revived!

A face to face meeting that needn’t be postponed, for there is no one more important than you to speak to and mend things with to move on and move forward.

Look into the mirror and sing it as you would to the greatest love you have ever had, for no one is more deserving of such beauty than your own true self.

We have all left a big part of us in each of the experiences and misfortunes we have gone through, moving on as if all is well, not realizing the disconnection we’ve created, make truce with the most important person you will ever meet, know and live with, no one deserves it more!



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