Keep up, Change is on the move!

Standing in the light of change, and filling our spirit and inner thoughts with the determination to grow and excel is very important. We as human beings seek growth most of the time, regardless if we are aware of it or not. We are expanding whether we see it or not.

The importance of realizing such expansion is that it helps us expand in the direction we excel at or want. Otherwise we will only expand randomly towards anything pulling us at the time, and the issue with that is that such attractors may be things we totally do not like, or things that are in the total opposite direction of where we are meant to grow, and therefore we see the pattern of lost depression.

I see that all the elements and tools available out there, are meant to allow us to direct our expansion in ways that fully serve us and our progressively successful growth. Yes, this is it! It is not just that time is moving, or the train is always on the move, NO! You Are Expanding! It is you that is constantly on the move and not all that is around you. It is your life, your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, yourself. Once you are aware of that and acknowledge its importance, then you can start on your journey, the one you are meant to be on!

So, change is happening whether you see it or not, it is happening inside you more than anywhere else, you are the element of change, so Focus, and allow for change to take form the way it is meant to be, with strength and determination, but first, know what it is you want, truly want, what it is you are good at.

The things you are passionate about and you do well should be your drivers, stop thinking of obstacles and weights, you are only allowed to think of challenges, or in fact how to overcome them. Direct yourself and thinking towards opportunities regardless of their size, and move, be driven… Change is taking place anyways, right now!


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