Real freedom is in the soul, this is the only place to me that reads freedom and all the essence that freedom may hold. I only see some sort of roof that restrains the spread of our flow, except when we allow our soul and our spirit to be our wings that take us through all our journeys on this earth and in this existence.

We have all been seeking some sort of freedom, in all that we do; and in the moments we spend depressed, if we look a little deeper within ourselves, we will see that such depression is coming from the feeling of ‘being suppressed from doing what we truly know we should do deep from within’, what our inner self is calling for, and what we truly love. We are not free, and only when we remove all our barriers and let go of all the fake chains that we think are holding us back, and just be, just live; only then do we become free and roam this earth with the spirit that we truly are and through the self that yearns to exist and be.

Let all your chains and walls down, remove the barriers, stop all the thoughts and ideas that you think to be there, for they are not, and live! Just LIVE life fully with all your heart and all your being!

Spread your wings and allow your soul to lead, you only live once or maybe not, for every day is a day you own, is a day of opportunity and prosperity. Every moment you are breathing and with every breath you have a choice, so use it, and use it well. Allow yourself to be for you are the only one that can restrain it, no one and nothing else.

Do what you truly know you should be doing deep from within, and do it well, fear has no place in such places of true existence, only love, determination and glorious moment.

Let life live through you, for you are the life that you are and the life you should be!


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