New Year

I have never been big on resolutions, but New Year and my birthday seemed to always hold a special meaning to me, they represented the beginning of a new book that I am free to fill with whatever I chose or wanted. I have literally done that for many years, I would buy a new […]

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We are what we repeat

I sometimes sit back and use my moments of silence to reflect on what had brought me to where I am today. Then, I find myself drifting into a persistent thought that loops around ‘our struggle in making what we want a reality’ and ‘living in comfort, the kind of comfort that comes totally weightless […]

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Smiling Warrior

I find myself lost in the wisdom of eternity. I find my soul roaming the unknown,     with the curiosity of a bewildered child. I find my heart learning how to feel again, through      the sorrows of glorious moments. And all I am is a smiling warrior!      Armoured with the hardened scars […]

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If I lose myself I lose it all

I am gaining myself and finding myself, I am the journey of growth and commitment, the journey of beautiful development, I am success and treasure, glory and shining achievement, I am the strength that is found in the essence of a severe fall down, that rises like no other in the midst of all that […]

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